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Delio to Support Ethereum 2.0 Hard Fork

Crypto bank Delio (CEO James Jung) reveals plans to support the Ethereum 2.0 hard fork chain prior to the Ethereum 2.0 Merge. The current Ethereum proof-of-work (PoW) network will be upgraded to a proof-of-stake (PoS) through a merge scheduled to be completed by the middle of September. To maintain proof-of-work, Ethereum splits into "ETHW" and "ETH2", a representative of the Ethereum Foundation, and later this month, will be joining the proof-of-stake execution. Notably, the Ethereum Foundation-centered community disputes the ETHW use, while others worried about the network's centralized nature and security concerns prefer the existing PoW chain over the ETHW. 

Despite the fact that the hard fork update status is shared by the ETHPOW Foundation, there is no clear announcement addressing the exact time for the Merge. The prospect of an Ethereum 2.0 hard fork was acknowledged by the top five Korean digital asset exchanges, and OKX, a global exchange, with the possible outcomes of the Merge's success and failure. Moreover, Bitfinex released a separate coin in response to the potential of the hard fork, while Binance announced plans supporting the Merge without disclosing information for the ETHW listing. 

Delio representative stated, "If the Ethereum hard fork is successful, we plan to support major services in accordance with customers' needs. Currently, as there is no clear information about the hard fork, we will be flexible in our response to market circumstances.”

Source: U.Today

Fee policy for withdrawal of virtual assets

The following fees are charged when withdrawing virtual assets from Delio Bank.

Virtual asset type Transmission fee (Gas fee) Withdrawal fee
Bitcoin (BTC) Charged according to network conditions 2,000 won worth of Bitcoin
Ethereum (ETH) Charged according to network conditions 2,000 won worth of Ethereum
Ripple (XRP) Charged according to network conditions 1 XRP

· There is no fee for transfers within Delio Bank.

· No withdrawal fee is charged for virtual assets other than Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.

· Please check the transfer fee for virtual assets other than Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple when withdrawing.